Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WPI Filming

A big Thank You
to everyone from WA who participated at the WPI Higgins Filming. We had an interesting weekend. Wolfe Argent has been involved in a Higgins/WPI video project that started back in the Fall with the horses and dealt with medieval "shirt fighting" and a high table scene this past weekend. It was fun and hectic. We were treated to dinner afterward.

Our weekend began with the purchasing of various edibles for the high table. We decided to make a pottage. The favorite has become "Savory Green Soup" from the book Pleyn Delit. Anyone who has had this soup absolutely loves it and cannot stop eating it...even cold. It's delicious.

We bought a lovely roast and just put a rub of salt and pepper on it and put it in the rotisserie. It came out medium rare and had a very mild flavor. Sometimes the simple spices work the best.

On Sunday, Bob and I loaded my car, a dodge of the stratus type. You'd be amazed at how much stuff you can fit into this car. In the trunk, three LARGE tupperware containers of clothing, in the back seat, the delicate trestles for a table, the robust trestles for a larger table, a legged bench chest that contained the board clothes, pewterware for the high table, napkins, glasses, mugs, bowls, cutlery; and a vast wardrobe of uppercrust clothing for various extras on the set. Alas, we needed a second car for the board itself, plus other members kit and accessories.

Arriving at the museum, we off-loaded the car. When the museum closed, we were off and running. With the help of Rachel and Renie, I put on my full regalia: brocade and velvet under gown, silk modesty panel, brocade foliate overgown, Yorkist livery collar, broad belt, and hennin with long silk veil. Rachel wore my other Burgundian gown and flowerpot hennin. Despite the fact that the gown was a few sizes to large, it looked all right.

We became the members of the aristocracy who sat in on a Master teaching his students (extras) and became the focal point for the high table. Andy and Pieter did a wonderful job as carver and butler. The book of Carving came in quite handy.

After the dust had settled, we packed the car, changed, and sat down to a lovely dinner provided by the museum as a thank you to the volunteers.

We didn't get home until almost 10 pm and then many of us took off the following Monday due to a snow storm that dumped a foot of snow in our area. Weee...

Here are some behind the scenes Photos. Keep in mind that any photos will contain modern objects as these are set up and after shoot photos.


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