Tuesday, November 6, 2007

From the Desk of the Coustillier

Hi all,

Renie has been doing some footwork and an event that she participated at a few weeks ago may result in two things:

1. An event site for a living history encampment/event
2. Insurance

I have to say that item 2 is a huge deal.

Bob's contacted the site owners, and it was a positive contact. Only issue is that since the days are getting darker earlier, Bob and I can't review the site during the weekdays, as by the time we got to the site, it'd be dark, and with the approaching holidays, it'd be difficult. Bob suggested a weekend, but they are having too major events there and then it's Thanksgiving. So we'll be waiting until after the turn of the year.

But this could be the opening we've been waiting for. Keep your collective fingers crossed.



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