Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Higgins Presentation: August

t was a great day at the Higgins on Saturday. We had a good turn out from the membership including our second meeting with our newest member who is very enthusiastic about her participation. It was also a pleasure meeting her mother.

For a beautiful day, the museum was quite busy. Our first show was a bit shaky, but improved swiftly as we adapted our material to the level of a very youthful audience. It was nearly a full auditorium. Parents and children alike were quite enthusiastic; asking questions and actually being allowed to touch objects that they normally would not have the chance to touch.

While the second show was better, the audience was smaller.

Afterward we caught up with Jeffrey Forgeng and there will be some exciting stuff happening in the next few months.

Thanks to: Peter, Renie, Morgan, Phil, and Katie for coming out on Saturday. Your efforts are appreciated.

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