Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Living History Presence on September 22, 2007

ob and I have been asked to help judge a joust by Jeremy. This joust will take place on September 22. We will be allowed to set up a living history presence on the site.

The location of the joust will be in Keene NH at a facility called Miracles in Motion. There's 14 acres of land, and an indoor arena where the joust is supposed to take place.

Bob and I want to drive up and check it out. The photos are deceiving so I have no idea how big this facility really is and we want to find out how the organizers are going to prep the site so that we have a good place for the display and aren't next to the parking lot.

They are going to allow camping and are welcoming the display. We need to answer some questions and then start planning so that everything goes off like clock-work.

It's a charity event.

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