Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Few things in the Project Hopper

Medieval Canon: gun tube purchased. Bill and Bob are looking at the mods and will hopefully have it ready for 2009 and participation in a live fire artillery shoot.

Medieval repro scabbards: Bob has had one made for his Del Tin Tewkesbury sword. It looks tres fab. He's had some additional stuff done to the sword to dress it up, such as having it regripped and having something really special done to the pommel and is also have new and proper sword belts made. He is also have his rondel dagger redone. The blue has been removed and it's having a new sheath and belt made.

My sword will be going out shortly for the scabbard, belts, and having a special mark put on the blade.

My archer's glove is on it's way from the UK. This is the 3 fingered variety as seen in a Flemish tapestry (can't think of the name at the moment -but will post it when I remember).

We're still waiting for Matuls to arrive.

So things are moving a long.

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