Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Saturday at the Higgins

From the Desk of the Coustillier:

Hey all, this past Saturday (September 1, 2007), a few of us managed to get to the Higgins for a regular presentation. Next year I will remember to take into account major holi-daze to avoid future rows. I thought I had canceled this year, but apparently I either neglected to state the days we'd be available or it was ignored. Not so next year.

We arrived at the museum at around 9:30 am. Andy and Renie arrived about 10 minutes after we did. With nary a birthday party in sight, we were able to take our time and set up the stage in a relaxed fashion. Peter arrived around 10 am. So we had four people on stage who presented to a small group of patrons.

Bob had his newly updated armet for the show. This helmet has never looked better. Patrick Thaden did a wonderful job. The orb and the wavy armed star washer looked fantastic. It was especially nice to see it again after being in Texas for four months.

Jeffrey arrived with a student film crew from WPI for the video taping of "the medieval Knight" as an update to the info kiosks at the Higgins. After the show, we adjourned to Dodge Park up the street from the museum. There we met Bill, who had been scouting out places to shoot video.

I have to say that this had a bit of "barely contained chaos" about it, which as a logistics officer who herds cats monthly, made me a bit squirrelly as I like to have a plan going into things. But everything seemed to turn out okay. We hope to see the footage at some point in the near future. I was up on the hill guarding the unused equipment and deterring "visitors" from getting too close to the shoot. Though one local resident, a lovely lady who sings in the Old Sturbridge Village choir, did manage to slip down the hill to talk to Jeffrey about another potential shoot location. So, it was taken amiss.

Pike drill was the first order of the day, one of the WPI students ended up in earlier kit to act as an archer to fill in the numbers a little. Bob was "armed" and did the troop review. Next they concentrated on archers, though we'll see how this works since I'm not sure any of the bows were strung; then handgonners; and finally they disarmed Bob and went on a march over a stone bridge. Cutting room floor perhaps is the bridge scene. The houpland that Bob was given would not have been my first choice. He has a much lovelier brocade long gown or his short riding gown, but we were not prepared for that scenario -- remember that "contained" chaos I mentioned earlier?-- hopefully we'll get better shots later. These are mostly "atmospheric" shots.

There are still more dates for getting footage proposed. I sent an email out last week. There are a few folks who stated that they would not be available and that their September was pretty booked. So we know who they are. We still have folks that we have not heard from.

Dates that are proposed.

September 9 (Sunday)
September 16 (Sunday)
September 22-23 (Sat & Sun: Saturday is the charity joust weekend In Keene NH- though I get the impression that this may not work for the IQP team. Too many bystanders)
September 30 (Sunday)

So if you haven't responded before now, please let us know your availability.

We already know that Alex, Andy, and Morgan won't be available for some dates, and that Phil and Renie have already expressed which dates that they will be available.

As soon as I get more details for Jeffrey, I will send them out.

I think that just about covers it.

Please check the calendar on this page. Next official HIGGINS PRESENTATION is: OCT 6.

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